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CDS to VPM code mapping index

AE Tax only

This index displays the address and number types that have been mapped to VPM.

Altering Column Widths

Type: Either an address or a number

Normalised: Will display a tick if the address or number has been normalised for integration with the VPM database

CDS Code: Address or number type code as shown on the CDS database

CDS Description: Address or number description as shown on the CDS database. The Normalise routine will create unique CDS address and number types to remove duplicates where the same type has been used more than once for a particular Contact. Where these types have been created, the description will be ‘Added by System’.

VPM Type: This displays the address/number type code as used in the VPM database.

This normally will be the same as the CDS type code, but can be different if so desired. See Set VPM Type.

Employee: This displays the VPM address/number type that will integrate to the Employee on CDS.

Normalising multiple types: you may select more than one item at a time to Normalise. Hold the Shift key down and click on the items you wish to normalise. Each item will remain highlighted as it has been selected.

Additional Options

The right click provides additional functionality on this index. These are:

Standard selection: Choose this option to select all address/number types on the index

De-select all: Choose this options to de-select all address/number types on the index

You are advised not to change this setting except on the direction of a MYOB consultant. Any errors made in association with VPM integration, will require restoring data to a back up taken prior to the integration being changed. This may result in loss of data.

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