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Change Case of Details for Selected Contacts

Accountants Enterprise only

This routine allows you to change the case of selected client details, names or addresses in the Database to be all upper case, lower case or edit case.

There are two radio buttons; User defined sequence and System Sequence.

User Defined Sequence

If you select the User defined sequence radio button, you are prompted to define a sort sequence. When you complete data entry in the current window; the Create Sort Sequence window displays.

System Sequence

If you select the System Sequence radio button, you will be required to nominate a range of codes to be changed once you have completed data entry in this window. You are then prompted to select the range of contacts to be included in the listing and can optionally include a mask for the particular selection.

Change: These checkboxes give you the option to select one or a combination of the three options. Select Client Details by pressing [Alt+l], Names by pressing [Alt+N] or Addresses by pressing [Alt+A] or by checking the checkboxes.

You can then select to change:

  • All Names by pressing [Alt+m]

  • This Name by pressing [Alt+T]

  • All Addresses by pressing [Alt+r]

  • This Address by pressing [Alt+h].

If you select This name, the Select Name Entry window displays allowing you to select the name required from the index. Focus on the name required and press [Enter] or click Select.

If you select This Address, the Select Address Entry window displays allowing you to select the required address from the index. Focus on the required address and press [Enter] or click Select.

You may select one particular name and/or address or a combination of All Names and a particular address, or a particular name and All Addresses to be processed at the one time. Or you may prefer to make one selection at time.

Change To: There are three radio buttons provided to give you the option of selecting:

  • Edit case by pressing [Alt+i]

  • Upper case by pressing [Alt+U]

  • Lower case by pressing [Alt+L].

Filter: At this one hundred and fifty alphanumeric character field, you may establish a condition so that the report will print only a specific set of names. For example, if you enter the condition D169 EQ 'Doctor', then the changes will only be made to those names that have the field D169 - title equal to 'Doctor'.

At the base of the window is the Variables option. Selecting this will display the Letter Writing Variable Definitions window. The purpose of this is to allow you to make temporary changes to letter writing definitions, without affecting the masters saved in the Letter Writing Definitions option in Utilities.

When you display the Letter Writing Variable Definitions window, you will notice the Save to File button. This enables you to save any temporary changes as masters; press [Alt+S] to select this button. Exit this window by clicking Cancel or by closing the window.

Click OK to save the changes in the current window and proceed with the routine by defining a sort sequence. If no sort sequence is required, click OK.

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