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Default Parameter Tables

Not available in Accountants Office

The Default Parameter Tables screen is used for setting default parameter tables to be used to perform calculations. Every calculation added will use the parameter tables you select here.

How to select maintain the Default Parameter Tables to suit your practice:

  1. Click Utilities > Control Record > Year Defaults.

  2. From the Year Defaults screen click

    • [New] to add default parameter tables, or

    • [Properties] to edit an existing set of parameter tables.

Current and next income years

A set of parameter tables for the current and next income years are shipped with the application. You may create your own sets of parameter tables for the purpose of performing calculations under differing conditions. The parameter table for the current income year may be referred to as the primary table. The parameter table for the next income year may be referred to as the PAYG table.

Primary and PAYG options

If either the Primary or PAYG is selected, the Select Parameter Tables index will open. The Select Parameter Tables index lists all the parameter tables added to this Tax Calculator ledger. From this index, parameter tables may be added, edited or deleted.

For more information, see Parameter Tables Properties. Parameter tables are normally added by clicking Maintenance > Parameter Tables.

Primary and PAYG tables are provided for both the Form I and Form T.

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