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Index of Notes for Contacts

Accountants Enterprise only

This window is an index of all the notes that you have attached to the currently selected contact. From this point you can add notes designed to meet the specific requirements of this contact. This window informs you of who added which notes and on what date, as well as the time, person and date they were last updated.

To add a note
  1. Press [Alt+N] or [Ctrl+Insert]. The Note Code window displays.
  2. Nominate a code by which the note will be indexed.
  3. Click OK to open the Add/Edit Note window and begin typing the text of the note.

    The column widths may be altered by dragging the column to the required width. Notes may be sorted in either ascending or descending order. Click the arrow to change the sorting direction.

Buttons on the window are:

NewThis button allows you to add a new note. Click New and the Note Code window displays. Enter the name of the note and click OK. The Add/Edit Note window displays. Here you are able to enter a note. Notes can be used to hold any type of information from details of a telephone conversation, to details of the contacts business information. Click OK to save the contents of your note.
PropertiesThis button provides the content of the note. Highlight the note and click Properties. You are able to view the content or edit the content and save the note by clicking OK.
DeleteThis button allows you to remove a note from your contact. Highlight the note to be removed, and click [Delete]. The system requests that you confirm the deletion. Click [Yes] to confirm deletion.
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