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Lodgment State

This option enables you to print an audit of all changes made to all returns for a selected lodgment state.

How to report on returns by lodgment state
  1. Click Reports > Audit Trail > Tax Preparation.

  2. Select State.

  3. Select either Lodged or Sent for Signature.

  4. After selecting the relevant lodgment state, click OK.

  5. Complete the Preview/Print screen to select printing options for the report.

Report of returns

This option enables you to report on returns with a specific lodgment state. For example, you may print a report on lodged returns only.

(AE) When using Simple Lodgment Control the lodgment state and status are equivalent. When monitoring your returns using Status Levels that you set up specifically for your purposes, it is possible that more than one of the Status Levels set up may indicate the return is lodged. Therefore selecting to report on lodged returns may include returns with different Status Levels in the report.

Audit Trails Reset

The audit trail is reset once you have performed the lodgment year end routine. The Audit Trail file names are determined by the income year. For example, Audit10.TA, Audit09.TA and so on.

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