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Navigating the pre-fill manager

The Pre-fill manager homepage displays a list of Individual tax returns that haven't been completed yet. This page explains everything you can see and do in the pre-fill manager.

Pre-fill Manager Homepage columns

Column name


Return Name

The name of the tax return. Click the link to open the return in Tax.

Client Code

The client code that is associated with the tax return. Click the link to open the client in Practice Manager.


The agent assigned to this Tax return.


The Tax File Number for the return.

Return Status

The status of the tax return.

Pre-fill Status

The status of the pre-fill report request. The list of available statuses are:

  • Not requested—no action taken by the user

  • Downloading—the report has been requested and is being downloaded from the ATO

  • Ready to pre-fill—the download is complete and the report is available for viewing

  • Download Error—an issue has occurred during the download. Click the link to view details of the error.

  • Pre-filled—the tax return has been successfully pre-filled.

  • Importing—the tax return is currently being populated with the pre-fill data

  • Import Error—the pre-fill import has failed.

Pre-fill Report

Contains a link to the pre-fill report after clicking Download & Save if the download was completed successfully.

Date Downloaded

The date of the last successfully downloaded pre-fill report.

Date Pre-filled

The date of the last successful pre-filling of the tax return using pre-fill data.


The client's ABN.


The company that will service the client.

Date Due

The due date of the tax return.


The department this tax return is assigned to.


The employee that this tax return is assigned to.

Family Group

The family group that the client is part of.


The manager of the employee assigned to this return.


The office of the assigned tax agent.


The partner of the client.

Tasks bar on the left





Save homepage

Saves the current layout applied to the homepage.

Reset homepage

Resets the layout to the default and removes filtering.


Download & Save

Downloads the pre-fill report from the ATO tax agent portal, and saves as a PDF. To open the report, click the link in the Pre-fill Report column.

Pre-fill into Tax

Populates the tax return with pre-fill information from the ATO tax agent portal. The Pre-fill Status column displays the progress of the pre-fill.


PLS Agent Settings

Displays the list of ABNs and agents for the practice if they have completed the Cloud Authorisation onboarding process and lets the onboarding process to run again.

The request frequency for the Activity Statement report can also be defined here. Daily" retrieves the report each day, and Never disables the retrieval request.

Report File Settings

Displays a wizard to define where to save pre-fill reports for each client.


What will be pre-filled?

Opens a webpage displaying the supported schedules and fields that can be pre-filled. See What data pre-fills into Tax?

Managing the layout of the homepage

The client search in pre-fill manager is identical to the Tax Client - Search homepage. For more information on searching clients, see Locating the tax client.

Just like the other homepages, you can use columns to group the listed items. See Organising your data.

To add, remove and rearrange columns in the display table, you can use Field Chooser. See Customising a display table.

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