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Print calculations by batch

Not available in Accountants Office

How to access Print Options to print a batch of calculations
  1. Click Reports > Print Reports.

  2. From the Print Options screen, click [Batch].

  3. Select the options to be included and excluded in the report, and click [OK].

  4. From the Print Batch index select the calculations to be included in this report and click [OK].

  5. At the Preview / Print screen select the print options and click [OK].

Print Batch index

This index lists all the calculations in your Tax Calculator ledger. A specific number of calculations may be selected for this report.

Toggle: This is used for selecting specific calculations for reports. Highlight the required calculation, and click [Enter] or [Alt+T]. A tick, displayed to the left of a calculation indicates that it is selected. To de-select a calculation highlighted the selected calculation and click [Enter] or [Alt+T]. The tick is removed indicating the calculation has been de-selected.

To reorder the calculations in the index click on the column headings or to use the shortcut keys, click [Alt+underlined letter].

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