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Print Reports Options

Not available in Accountants Office

To access the Print Options screen, click Reports > Print Reports.

Including and Excluding reports

The Print Options screen is used for selecting the reports to be included or excluded in your print job-stream.

The checkboxes offer these reports:

  • Estimate Report

  • Include instalments schedule

  • Medicare calculation

  • Senior/Pensioner Offset

Select to include any or all of these reports in your print job-stream. Note that the Payments schedule is only available with the Estimate report. Accordingly, you will note that the option Include instalments schedule cannot be selected unless the Estimate report has been selected.

Select one of three options to determine the calculations for which you wish to print the reports:

The Projected Payments schedule cannot be applied across a batch or range of calculations because the Estimated assessment due date and Method of calculation of instalments may not be the same for all calculations in the batch or range. Accordingly, selection of either Batch or Range will prevent the Include Instalments schedule option.

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