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Quick Add Wizard

Accountants Enterprise only

The Quick Add Wizard helps to automate the process of adding new contacts.

To activate the Quick Add Wizard
  1. Select Utilities > Control Record.

  2. Open the Options tab.

  3. Select the Use quick add checkbox, so that the Quick add options (that is, the steps in the process of creating a contact) become active.

  4. Select each of the steps that you want to perform when creating a standard contact.

  5. Close the Control Record.

  6. Right click and select New and the Quick Add Wizard will start.

The wizard will step through each of the quick add options that have been selected thereby saving you time.

Welcome to the Quick Add Wizard

This window details the quick add options that have been selected within the Control Record. If you wish to change these options, select the Cancel button and select the quick add options within the control record, then select to start the Quick Add Wizard again.

Select the Next button to continue or Cancel to cancel the wizard.

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