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Summary of entered items—shift+F2

The active items for the return type currently being worked on are summarised for the current year (individual, partnership, trust, company, superannuation fund or self-managed superannuation fund).

The summary provides a comparison to the immediate prior year if it's available in Tax.

Details and options provided on the summary


Item: Item number in the relevant return.

Description: Description of the item.

CY Value: Current year amounts and details for active items in the tax return. We'll refresh the figures every time you select shift+F2 in the current year ledger.

LY Value: We've highlighted information from the prior year ledger in the LY Value column so you can compare to the current year. This means you don't have to open or get a printout of last year's return.

If you change the return code in the current year ledger, you'll need to make the same change to the prior year ledger. If you don't, shift+F2 won't be able to locate the return or retrieve any values.

If you change last year's figures, we'll refresh them in the current year ledger the next time you select shift+F2.

Buttons and checkboxes



Access a particular item in the return. Alternatively, click the item or press Enter, to locate the item in the current year return.

Print as displayed in the selected view (filtered or unfiltered). It will print all the information contained in the entire dialog.


Prepare a non-return note. This is a note that isn't attached to an item in the main return. You'll see a list of any other notes attached to items in the return.

 Display a list of all schedules attached to the return.


View or edit:

  • PP averaging details
  • Div 405 averaging for special professionals
  • Over 55 years ETP post-1983 taxed and untaxed previously used components
  • S26AB lease premium amounts and trust estate rebates.

These items are necessary to calculate the estimate of tax payable/ refundable.


 View or edit the Return PropertiesStaff tab to see which staff members are responsible for this particular return.

Close the screen and returns the cursor to its previous position.
Filtered view

Switch between the filtered and unfiltered views.
Filtered view displays only the items entered for current and prior year.
Unfiltered view displays all data in the return (for example, name, address, and occupation code).

Screen footer

Displays Lodged Date, Sent electronically, Printed, CY Taxable income, LY Taxable income, and LY Tax payable/ref.

Last year's taxable income and last year's tax payable/refundable are available if the immediate prior year return was completed using Tax.

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