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Tax Returns Tab

The Tax Returns tab displays a grid of tax returns and activity statements for the client. For details on how to use the Tax Returns Tab, refer to Features in Practice Manager / AO for Tax.

The elements on the Tax Returns Tab are:

Return Details panel

If an income tax return is selected in the tax returns grid, the bottom section displays the return details. If an activity statement is selected in the tax returns grid, the bottom section displays the activity statement details.

Features of the grid

Use the radio buttons below the grid to filter for:

  • income returns only

  • activity statements only

  • both income returns and activity statements (Show All).

The Validation File column displays the validation report name produced by the ATO for the transmission containing the return when it was lodged. After lodging a return, when you view the validation report and select to update the status of the return the validation column will be updated. The Validation column for Paper returns that you have updated manually to the status of lodged will be indicated as such.

Select Return button

Accountants Enterprise only

The Select Return button is available for practices using Vizpost integration where you can attach multiple returns for the same year to the same client. Selecting a return and clicking Select Return.

Status date will not display for activity statements.

Link to AO Classic Client

Acountants Office only

The conversion from AO Classic to MYOB AO replicates client data. Any change to client data after the conversion must be made in both Tax products.

After the conversion from AO Classic, the Link to AO Classic Client button on the Tax Returns Tab links a client added to MYOB AO to its corresponding client added in AO Classic.

For example a new client requires tax returns for 2009 – 2011:

In the situation where the practice takes on a new client who requires tax returns for prior years the client’s details are added to both AO Classic and MYOB AO:

  1. Open AO Classic and add the client details.

  2. Create and lodge the return for 2009.

  3. Open MYOB AO and add the client details again.

  4. To have the returns completed in AO Classic included in the grid on the Tax Returns Tab in MYOB AO:

    1. On the Tax Returns tab click the Link to AO Classic Client button.

    2. On the Link Client to AO Classic window select the Show all linked clients checkbox, to display a list of clients already linked whose details in AO Classic are linked to details in MYOB AO.

    3. Select the Classic client and click Link.

    4. The Classic return for 2009 and earlier will now display on the Tax Returns Tab grid in MYOB AO.

  5. Create and lodge returns for 2010 and later income years.

All clients in AO Classic at the time of conversion are already linked. All new clients must be added in both products and linked if you want all returns for the client to appear in the Tax Returns Tab in MYOB AO.

Tasks Bar

The Tasks bar is the panel to the left of the window displaying the Tax data providing easy access to tasks associated with a return.

Tax Returns

The tasks when a tax return (for 2010 or later in AE) is highlighted are:

  • (Series 6 & 8) To create a return or activity statement click Contacts > Matters and use the wizard to create the tax return or activity statement.

  • (AE/AO) Create Return - Use Create Return to open the Create Return dialog. Select the return type and year then click Create.

  • (AE/AO) Create Activity Stmt - the activity statement wizard is described in Create Activity Statement 

  • Return Properties - view and edit the Customising Return Properties

  • Validate
  • Estimate - run the detailed Tax Estimate [F4]

  • Print Return - generate a document as described in Printing Returns

  • Print Schedule - generate a document as described in Schedule Printing

  • Print Validation Report - print a validation report (Only available from Tax 2014 onwards)

  • (AE) MAS Integration - this task is available only where there is a licensed installation of Management Accounting System (MAS).

  • (AE/AO) Amend - steps to create About amending Returns

  • (AE/AO) Delete return - you must confirm that you want to proceed with this action. It will delete the return and its attachments currently highlighted and any standalone forms or schedules for the client such as Activity Statements.

  • Lock/Unlock - run the utility for Unlocking and locking returns.

The tasks for Lodgment are:

The tasks for Pre-fill Functions are:

Activity Statements

If an activity statement is selected in the Tax Return grid, only menus relevant to activity statements will be enabled.

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