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Configuring an AE Accounts ledger

Australia only

The Workpapers and Assets modules of Client Accounting can be used with AE Account ledgers.

Once you've prepared the end-of-year accounts in Client Accounting and you're happy with your balances, post your journals back to the AE Accounts Ledger. You can then collate the financial reports using AE Reporter.

Statutory Reporter only works with AccountRight, Essentials and MYOB Ledger data sources.

If an Accounts ledger is configured to be the financial data source for a client, the Reports tab will not be available for use for that client and will be greyed out.

To configure an AE Accounts ledger
  1. In AE, open the client and go to the Client Accounting > Trial Balance (Workpapers) tab.
  2. Click Edit Configuration Details on the Tasks bar.
  3. Click on the Product drop-down menu and choose Accounts.
  4. Click the Data connection details field ellipsis (

    ) and select an Accounts ledger from the list of available ledgers to configure.

    You can search for an AE Accounts ledger by entering the ledger code or, part of the ledger name.

  5. Click OK and click OK again. The ledger is configured and the ledger details are displayed in the right-hand pane of the Trial Balance/Workpapers tab.


When I search for a ledger, AE crashes. How do I fix this?

This error appears where there are blank client names or codes in your Contacts database.

Review your client list for any blank client names or client codes in Contacts. For details, see Error: "Client Framework has stopped working" when configuring an Accounts ledger into Client Accounting.

My reports tab is greyed out. How do I print reports?

The Reports tab in Client Accounting (or "Statutory Reporter") is only available for use with AccountRight, Essentials and MYOB ledgers.

This doesn't mean that you can't produce a set of financial reports – it just means that you need to use AE Reporter to create reports.

If you want to use Statutory Reporter, you can always Migrating an existing ledger. Before you jump the gun and move your data, first make sure that Statutory Reporter meets your client's reporting requirements.

Statutory Reporter is a simple reporting tool that lets you meet the basic reporting requirements of a non-reporting entity. Although AE Reporter is more complex, it allows you to produce highly customised, specialised reports.

I can't see my client's ledger in the list of Accounts ledgers . How do I configure it?

If you can open an accounts ledger, but can't see it in your list of ledgers to configure, open Contacts and check that your client is not marked as a "former client".

In the Contacts list, select the "Include former contacts" checkbox. Clients in red have been marked as former contacts.

For more information, see Accounts ledger missing from the list of ledgers to Configure.

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