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Linking a Document Manager documents that have references

References are bookmarks in PDFs and, from AE/AO version 2017.1, worksheets in spreadsheets.

You can link to worksheets with Excel 2013, Excel 2016, and XLS, XLSX and XLSM file types.

In password-protected files, you can only link to the entire document, not to references in the document.

If you have Document Manager and you want to use bookmarks when linking the document, make sure you've added bookmarks to the document before you save it to Document Manager.

For example, using MYOB PDF Manager, you can save the bank statement and asset purchase contract as one PDF with bookmarks for each section. You can then link the bookmarks to specific accounts in the Trial Balance (Workpapers). From AE/AO version 2017.1, you can also link to spreadsheet worksheets.

To link a Document Manager document that has references to an account
  1. Go to the client’s Client Accounting > Trial Balance (Workpapers) tab and click a period in the Select Period section. See Opening an existing period.
  2. On the TASKS bar, click Open Period. The table for the period appears.
  3. Select the checkbox in the first column for the account.
  4. On the TASKS bar, click Link document. The Search for a document window appears.

  5. Select the checkbox for each document you want to link.

  6. If you can check what's in a document, select a document and click View.

  7. Click OK. The Link Document window appears.
  8. Ensure that the correct account is displayed in the Account field.
  9. If your document is a PDF with bookmarks or a spreadsheet with worksheets and you want link to a specific bookmark or worksheet, select the bookmark or worksheet in the Bookmark or Reference column, depending on your version. Otherwise the link will be to the entire document.

    Linking to worksheets using the Reference column is available from AE/AO version 2017.1.

  10. If you want to include the document in the next rollover period, select the Roll forward checkbox. During rollover, the previous workpaper period is used as a base. The link to the document will be recreated and included on the same account in the next period.

  11. Click Link. The Document Manager files are linked to the selected account. The files are displayed as a sub-row under the account in the table. A paperclip

    icon identifies the linked document.

To delete a document link

If you made an error and want to delete a document link in the Link Document window:

  1. Select the row containing the document link.
  2. Press [Delete], or click Delete.
    The document link is removed from the Link Document window.

For instructions on opening and viewing Document Manager files, see Opening source documents for more information.


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