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Print financial reports

For each client, you can control the reports to be included, and the order in which they are displayed in the financial statements for each client.

By default, Statutory Reporter will automatically select reports where your client has a balance allocated to relevant account group (where the balance is not NIL).

For example, where the Plant & Equipment account has been allocated to the Plant & Equipment account group and the balance of the account is not NIL, the Plant & Equipment Note will be selected automatically to be included in the financial reports. Only reports that are relevant for the entity type are selected.

(New Zealand) If you are preparing reports for a company that has paid a dividend, if you're using AccountRight, the Dividends Paid account will most likely be classified as Other Expense (an account code beginning with 9). In this case, the balance will appear in the Profit & Loss statement.

To include Dividends Paid in the Movements in Equity, make sure you've posted a journal to allocate the dividends to an account in the equity section (beginning with 3).

Producing a report for the financial year

When you produce a report for the financial year, you'll be comparing this year’s and last year’s financial results.

To produce a report for the financial year
  1. From within Client Accounting for your client, click the Reports tab to open Statutory Reporter.
  2. From the list of available reports, select any additional reports to be collated.
  3. For each report type, note or policy listed in the Reports table that is to be included in the financial report, ensure the Period Type selected is TY/LY (This year/Last Year).
  4. Click Preview Reports. A report generation progress bar is displayed and, when finished, the Report Preview window appears.

    A warning is displayed if there are unallocated accounts (accounts which have not been allocated to an account group) or duplicated accounts (accounts which have been added to more than one account group).

  5. On the Report Preview window toolbar, click
    Print to print the report.

Need something specific? Check out Producing financial statements for more information on what you can do in Statutory Reporter.

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