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Viewing and editing the workpaper properties

From within the workpaper, properties such as the workpaper name and the rollover options which have been configured, can be viewed and edited. Use the Properties option on the Workpaper window toolbar to access the workpaper properties.

To view and edit the workpaper properties
  1. Open the workpapers period. See Opening an existing period. The Prepare Trial Balance (Workpapers) table is displayed.
  2. Open a workpaper. See Opening workpapers. The specific workpaper window opens.
  3. Click Properties on the toolbar. The Workpaper Properties window opens.
      The properties displayed include:
    • Attached to account code — the account code and account name of the account to which the workpaper is attached.

    • Template category — the category to which the template belongs. Categories are used to classify and sort templates.

    • Workpaper name the unique name of the workpaper.

    • Rollover this workpaper to the next period — determines whether the workpaper will be included in rollover. During rollover, the previous workpapers period is used as a base. If this option is selected, this workpaper will be recreated and attached to the same account in the next period.

    • Retain links to all external documents in the workpaper, it is possible to add links to Document Manager files, if Document Manager is installed or external files, if Document Manager is not installed. If Retain links to all external documents is selected, then a list of links to external files is copied to the new workpaper when it is rolled over into the next period.

  4. Edit the workpaper properties as necessary.
  5. Click OK to save the changes or Cancel to close the window without saving.
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