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Error messages


Error Message

Explanation and Resolution

Page Not Found

The requested resource doesn’t exist.

The information you are searching for may not exist in your database.

Check the entered URL and try again with the correct URL.

We’re Offline

On premise service not working.

Please check “MYOB Closed Connector” is running.Service Unavailable

You cannot connect to your MYOB AE/AO server.

Check that your MYOB AE/AO server on your premise is up and running, then try to access MYOB OnTheGo again.

You’re Offline

If you are reading this, then the MYOB OnTheGo website is up, but the OnTheGo service at your business is not running.

Service Unavailable

MYOB OnTheGo is not running on at your practice. Select Start OnTheGo Service from the Start menu of the server where MYOB AE/AO is installed. Then try to access MYOB OnTheGo again.

Contact your system administrator if you are still having problems.

Server Error

Sorry, an unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later.

Check that you have set up your Practice my.MYOB Settings and my.MYOB login within MYOB AE/AO.

See Setting up MYOB OnTheGo for more information.

Unable to locate the requested address. Please check a different source.This error message will appear if you are on the Client Details screen searching for a map and directions to a client’s address. Sometimes the address cannot be located. Try a different search engine to locate a map and directions to the desired address.

General FAQs

How do I install MYOB OnTheGo?

It is all just part of the suite install - you do not need to do anything special, it was part of your MYOB AE 5.4.4, (Australia) AO 2013.2, (New Zealand) AO 2014.0 updated release in April 2014.

There are some specific instructions to get MYOB OnTheGo service up and running. See Setting up MYOB OnTheGo for more information.

Do I need anything special on my practice server to use MYOB OnTheGo?

The standard install lays down the required software components and most servers will be configured to allow the web content functions to work at the flick of a switch, provided the server has internet access.

The MYOB OnTheGo service does need to be turned on initially, see Setting up MYOB OnTheGo for instructions.

Does my server need to be on to access MYOB OnTheGo?

Yes, unless your server is up and running you will not be able to access MYOB OnTheGo.

Does my server need to have internet access?

Yes. MYOB OnTheGo is an online tool which reads your MYOB AE/AO data directly from your server back in the practice, therefore you need internet access on the server.

My SQL server is separate to my software server - which one needs the internet access?

The server that MYOB AE/AO is installed on will need internet access.

I have multiple AE databases - can I access all of these databases? (Accountants Enterprise)

Yes, you can access multiple databases. MYOB OnTheGo must be activated for each appropriate database, then the user is able to select the appropriate database when logging into MYOB OnTheGo.

I only have MYOB Tax and not Practice Manager, what do I see? (Australia)

You will still be able to access client information - name, address, phone numbers and Google map references.

Security FAQs

How secure is my data?

Security and privacy of the information being relayed between your server, the MYOB OnTheGo server and your smart device is maintained by industry standard internet security measures including SSL encryption, oAuth authentication and the use of security tokens.

What security measures are there to ensure that the data flow from my practice server to the MYOB Invoices server is secure?

Data flow from your practice server to the MYOB OnTheGo server is secured with current industry standard internet security measures including SSL encryption, oAuth authentication and the use of security tokens.

Has an impact analysis been done in relation to the new Privacy Act?

Yes. MYOB has reviewed the ways in which it collects and handles personal information as a result of the changes to the Privacy Act in Australia, to ensure that it continues to comply with its privacy obligations.

Could someone hack my server because I have turned MYOB OnTheGo on?

No. The internet security measures we’ve used, including SSL encryption, oAuth authentication and the use of security tokens, would make it very difficult for someone to hack your server.

Can I restrict which staff members have access to MYOB OnTheGo?

If an employee’s my.myob login credentials are recorded in your practice database and you have activated your MYOB OnTheGo access, then that employee will have the ability to access the feature. However, any team security settings that you have applied in your practice database will still apply to this employee when they are accessing MYOB OnTheGo.

Is client team security adhered to with MYOB Invoices?

Yes. If an employee does not have rights to a client due to client team security being enabled then they will not have rights to see that client when logged into MYOB OnTheGo.

What happens if I split from the practice partnership?

Obviously this will need to be considered as part of the partnership dissolution process. Both parties will need to agree on what data is retained by each party after the partnership is dissolved.

It is common practice when a Practice Partnership splits for one or both of the parties to engage MYOB to perform a data split. Two or more ‘filtered’ versions of the MYOB Practice Manager data may be created. However, this does not necessarily remove the original data from the original partnership network/hardware. Therefore, both parties need to consider what will happen to that original data set.



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