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Recording calendar time in MYOB AE

Accountants Enterprise with Practice Manager only

The Calendar Entry method captures time depending on which view you have selected to display your timesheet in. With a calendar entry timesheet you can select to display your timesheet so that you can:

  • See the days of the calendar month you have chosen.

  • View the calendar month as a:

  • Daily Timesheet

  • Work Week Timesheet

  • Weekly Timesheet

  • Monthly Timesheet.

  • Change the start and end date of the view you choose.

  • Break down the view you choose into different time intervals or scales.

The time intervals or scales are set up by the system administrator in MaintenanceEmployee > Time Units.

You can enter your time against these intervals or select to use the automatic timer (see Using the automatic timer).

When in a calendar entry timesheet, the right-click menu options can be used to edit, copy, paste, print and delete a timesheet entry. Select the timesheet entry to perform any of these functions. You can edit and delete entries in the timesheet if:

  • it has not been posted. That is, the timesheet has a Draft status.

  • the time processing period has not closed (or expired).

  • you have access permissions to do so.

You can also open a selected assignment from the right-click menu.

Click this link to launch a self-paced online learning Show Me demonstration on Time and Overheads. (Adobe Flash player required.)

Click this link to launch a self-paced online learning Show Me demonstration on Time Scale changes. (Adobe Flash player required.)

To record a timesheet using calendar time
  1. Select Calendar Entry mode in the Timesheet User Settings window. See Changing timesheet data entry modes and Timesheet User Settings/System Settings.

  2. Create or open a timesheet. See Creating new timesheets or Opening existing timesheets, as appropriate. The Timesheet page opens in Calendar mode.

  3. Select the appropriate View from the TASKS bar. The timesheet view changes to reflect the selection.

  4. Select the appropriate Time Scale from the TASKS bar.

  5. Select the date from the Calendar section of the page.

  6. Right-click on the timesheet and select Create Timesheet Entry from the menu. The Timesheet Calendar Entry window opens.

  7. Enter the end Date of the timesheet entry in the second date field. Enter the date in the format dd/mm/yyyy or select it from the drop-down calendar.

    The first Date field defaults to the selected date in step 5. It cannot be changed from the Timesheet Calendar Entry window.

    To select a different start date, close the Timesheet Calendar Entry window without saving it and select the date from the Calendar section of the Timesheet page.

  8. Select the Client from the drop-down.

  9. Click the Search any part of name/code checkbox, if required, to make searching easier.

  10. Select the associated Assignment from the drop-down.

  11. If appropriate, select a Job/Schedule from the drop-down.

    If a selected assignment has a schedule/stage of tasks attached, you are able to select one from a drop-down.
    If the selected assignment does not have an attached schedule/stage of tasks, then this field is greyed out and not available.

  12. Select the Task from the drop-down.

    If you deselect the Search by task name checkbox, you can search by the task code.

  13. Type the amount of time spent on the task in the Units field or click the automatic timer to insert the time (in hrs). See Using the automatic timer.

  14. Enter the Start Time using the 24-hour clock format.

  15. Enter the End Time using the 24-hour clock format.

  16. Select the Charge Rate from the drop-down.

  17. Enter supporting information about the task you completed in the Comments area.

  18. Click Apply. The information for this timesheet is saved.

  19. Return to 6 if there are more timesheet entries to record.

  20. Click Apply.

  21. Click OK. You are returned to the Timesheet page.

  22. Click the Authorisation tab. This is located at the bottom of the Timesheet page.

  23. Click Post Now.

    If you have enforced minimum hours, then the system will not allow you to post until the minimum hours are completed.

  24. Close the timesheet.

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