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Using the Contact page

The Contact page has a number of tabs which group contact information together so that details are easy to view and edit if necessary.

Click on the tabs to display the information for that tab on the Contact page. The Tasks bar updates as you change tabs to show the tasks associated with the information on the tab.

Main tabThis tab displays by default when you open a contact and contains the information identifying the contact and how to contact them along with any notes.
Responsibility tabThis tab is where the people in your practice who are responsible for this client or contact are recorded.

(AE) To Do tab

This tab enables you to create, view and amend the tasks or activities that are planned or completed for the selected contact or client.
Documents tabThis tab displays links to documents that are saved against the client or contact so that everyone can find information relating to a client or contact.
Extra tabThis tab contains any extra information that the practice wants to collect.
Associated tabThis tab lets you define relationships between this client and other clients and contacts in the database.
Addresses tabThis tab displays the contact’s addresses, and is where you edit them. The available task is Maintaining addresses.

The information shown in these tabs is entered during the client or contact creation.

Once you do work for a contact you need to change that contact into a client. See Changing contacts into clients.

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