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Applying formatting to cells

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

Formatting cells is independent of hierarchy levels. However, if you change the formatting of a cell selection in a Format that is at a higher level in the hierarchy than that at which Report Designer is currently open, then the Format is saved to the current level (Practice or Client).

If your formatting changes will be required on a regular basis, you may be able to save time by Creating, editing and deleting styles.

To format a cell selection within Report Designer (on the Formats tab)
  1. In the Report Designer window select the Formats tab.
  2. Open the Format Editor window for the Format you want to apply the changes to. The Format Editor window opens in Design view.
  3. Select the cell(s), row(s) or column(s) that you want to make formatting changes to.

  4. Select Format from the right–click menu. The Format Cells window opens.

  5. Work your way through the tabs in the window editing the formatting of the style to that which you require. See Formatting cells for more information:

  6. When all the required formatting has been defined for the style, click OK to save the style and return to the Format Editor window. The edited style is saved to the level at which Report Designer is currently open.

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