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Previewing reports from the Report Editor

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

Previewing a report from the Report Editor enables you to see what the report will look like and check it for correctness and completeness. The report as previewed on screen is what you will see when you print the report, including all bolding, margins, page breaks, borders and colours used on your report.

When you preview a report the data comes from the client ledger through which you accessed Report Designer.

If you have opened Report Designer at the Practice level, Database Map references only pick up Practice level data, not Client level data. If you want to test the report using the Client data, open Report Designer at the Client level.

It is recommended that you preview all the Formats that are used in a report in the Previewing formats before previewing the report. Formats previewed on their own display faster, and you will be able to easily switch to the Design view of the Format Editor to correct any errors you find. However, be aware that note references, cross-references and references to named ranges will not display correctly in the Format preview, and therefore can only be checked when you preview the full report.

Things to look out for when previewing reports are:

  • Page breaks appear where they should.

  • Report elements are only being included when they should.

  • Note references and note numbering are working correctly.

  • References to named ranges are working correctly.

  • Margins are appearing correctly.

As with previewing a Format, you can click on a Chart Map value to bring up a Drill Down window (see Getting more information from reports) containing the underlying account information.

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