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Identifying and updating to the latest version of Reporter

This support note applies to:

  • AE Reporter (AU)
Article ID: 18456

You can download the latest version of MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) Reporter from the Product Downloads page on my.myob.

The latest Version of Reporter is 3.5 and the Master reports version is 3.5.120 for AE MAS or 3.5.220 for AE Accounts.

  • If Reporter is not installed, you can simply download and install MYOB AE Reporter 3.5 - Full Install from the my.myob website.
  • If Reporter is installed, to find out what version you're currently running, and which version to upgrade to next, see the instructions below.
To identify your version of Reporter and Masters
  1. Open any MAS or AE Accounts ledger and follow the menu path Reports > Reporter > Generate Reports. The Reporter window opens with a list of Reports displayed.
  2. From within Reporter, click the Help menu and choose About MYOB AE Reporter...

There are two versions listed in the About MYOB AE Reporter window, being the Version and Masters, you'll need to know both.

If your Version is...To upgrade to the latest version...

Download and install MYOB AE Reporter 3.5 - Full Install.

3.4Download and install MYOB AE Reporter 3.5 - Full Install.
3.5You're on the latest version!

To install Reporter on a workstation, see Running a workstation setup for AE Reporter (AU).

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