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Uninstalling and reinstalling MYOB AE Practice Manager workstation

This support note applies to:

  • AE Tax Series 6 & 8 (AU)
Article ID:32175

You may be required to perform an uninstall and a reinstall of MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) workstation to resolve an issue or error message.

If you are using AE and you do not use the combined installer, this article is for you.

If you cannot find the setup file referenced in the procedure, you may be using the combined installer. If this is the case, refer to Installing and Uninstalling Accountants Enterprise (AE) on a workstation.

Before you begin, to ensure a successful install of AE on your workstation, you'll need to do the following:

To uninstall MYOB AE Workstation
  1. Log onto the workstation or terminal server console as the domain administrator. (For example, the user 'Administrator')

  2. From the Windows Start menu, open Control Panel then click Programs and Features. Alternatively, press the Windows key on your keyboard and type Programs and Features.

  3. Right-click MYOB Accountants Enterprise Client and select Uninstall then follow the prompts.

To reinstall MYOB AE Workstation
If you are installing on a Terminal Server, ensure the server is in Install Mode before you proceed. For information, refer to Installing applications on a Terminal Server.
  1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to \\<ServerName>\CentralClient\ where <ServerName> is the machine name of the server where the full installation of AE has been run.
  2. Double-click Setup.exe and follow the prompts.

The MYOB AE workstation is installed. If you are on a terminal server, this will install AE workstation for all user profiles.During the installation process, if you receive the error "2343 specified path is empty" please seeError: "2343 specified path is empty" to resolve.

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