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This tab includes items relating to specific types of companies, as well as to foreign transactions:

Overseas transactions or interests / Thin capitalisation / Foreign source income:

These are mandatory questions and must be answered even if you do not have any overseas transactions or interests. Tax will roll over the answer from the previous year and where that is N, the preparer must review the answers each year. If the answer at Item 27, 28 or Item 29 is Y, then you must complete and attach an International dealings schedule 2018:

Where the appropriate information is reported in the Company tax return you must complete an International dealings schedule 2018 (NAT 73345). The International dealings schedule may be completed in MYOB Tax and lodged with the Company return via PLS.

Overseas branch operations include:

  • Business operations carried on by an Australian resident entity at or through a fixed place of business in another country.
  • Business operations carried on by a foreign resident entity at or through a fixed place of business in Australia.

See International dealings schedule 2018 on the ATO website.

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