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Linking a Document Manager file within a workpaper

To link a Document Manager file within a workpaper
  1. Open the workpapers period. See Opening an existing period. The Prepare Trial Balance (Workpapers) table is displayed.
  2. Open a workpaper. See Opening workpapers. The specific workpaper window opens.
  3. Click on the Link document on the taskbar option of workpapers.
  4. When the Search for a document window displays, a default search is carried out, showing documents sorted in order of last reference.

    The number of records retrieved in this initial search is limited to 50. To retrieve all search results, click Search.

    If you wish to refine the search, continue to the next step; otherwise, go to step 9.

  5. By default, the Current option is selected in Search Contacts. Only documents for the client for whom the workpapers period is being completed will be searched. If required, you can select the All option and click the ellipse button to select a new client.
  6. Enter criteria into the Search Criteria fields to refine the search. Searches can be based on:
    • Title and Authorenter the title of the document on the Title field and/or select the author on the Author drop-down.
    • Reference noselect the Reference no option and enter the document reference number on the text field.
    • Display related entity documents—displays all the documents for any of the clients/contacts listed on the Associated tab for the current contact/client and for the parent, children and siblings from the Billing Group tab. If this option is selected all the documents for clients/contacts in the same family group as the currently selected client/contact are displayed.
    To display all documents for the selected client leave the search criteria blank and click Search. Documents that match the search criteria are displayed in the table. The total number of documents returned by the search is displayed at the top of the table.
  7. To sort or filter the search results:
    1. Click any column heading to sort the results alphabetically or numerically.
    2. Use the first row in the table to filter the search results. In any of the Reference No, Client, Document Title and Author fields click the drop-down and select the value to filter on from the drop-down. The criteria on which to filter the search results can also be entered. Enter the value you wish to use as a filter into any of the Reference No, Client, Document Title or Author fields and press [Enter]. Use wildcards for advanced filtering. For example, to filter the results to view only those documents starting with C, enter C and an asterisk (*) into the Document Title field and press [Enter]. Click
      clear filter
      to clear the search filter.
  8. Find the document to be linked to the workpaper.
  9. Select the file checkbox. Select multiple checkboxes to link multiple documents.
  10. Click OK. The Search for a document window closes. If none of the selected documents contain bookmarks, the actions at Step 14 are carried out. If your selected documents contain bookmarks, a list of documents is displayed in the Link Document window. You can preview the Document Manager file by clicking on the hyperlink. The file is displayed in the appropriate application. If you selected a PDF or Excel Document Manager file, you can view any references by clicking on the hyperlinked reference. The document is opened at the referenced page/worksheet.
  11. If a PDF or Excel document is selected and it contains bookmarks/worksheets, select the appropriate option from the Reference column drop-down. If a PDF or Excel document is selected and it does not contain references, only the Entire Document option will be available from the Reference drop-down. If the Entire Document option is selected, a link is created to the first page of the PDF document. The Workpaper name field is automatically filled with the name of the file that is to be linked to the period. If you are linking to a PDF bookmark or Excel worksheet, then the bookmark/worksheet name enclosed in brackets is added as a suffix to this value. You can change this value by deleting the existing text and entering a new Workpaper name.

    The Workpaper name must be unique. An error message is displayed if the Workpaper name is already in use.

  12. If you have made an error and want to delete a document link in the Link Document window:
    1. Select the row containing the document link.
    2. Press [Delete] or click Delete.
    The document link is removed from the Link Document window.
  13. Click Link. The Document Manager file is linked to the workpaper. The name and location of the linked document is displayed in the Link column of the Document Links table of the workpaper. The document name is displayed in the Description column of the Document Links table. This can be changed by clicking the
    Edit document field
    icon. A
    icon will be displayed next to the table row. This icon can be dragged and dropped.
  14. Click Save. Changes are saved and the window remains open.
    Click OK. The window closes, and any changes made will be saved.
    or Click Cancel. The window closes.


If you have made any changes you will be prompted to save the changes before the window closes.
If you have Document Manager, and you checked out PDF documents in this workpaper by clicking the 

Edit button, a warning message will display asking if you want to check in these saved PDF documents when you close the workpaper. Clicking Yes will check in all PDF documents. Clicking No will require you to check in these documents manually. These documents can be checked in manually using the Document Manager icon in the system tray. See Accessing Document Manager from the system tray.

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