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Practice Report Settings page

The Practice Report Settings page is accessed from Maintenance > Maintenance Map (AO) > Client Accounting > Practice Report Settings. Within the Practice Report Settings page, reports can be configured to reflect the reporting requirements of your practice. The Practice Report Settings page is divided into two main areas:

Practice Reports

For clients of an entity type, the reports will be available in the report list and their order in the financial statements can be controlled.



Entity Type drop-down

The entity type must be selected on the Entity Type drop-down in order to configure reports.

Default Report Selections table

The table lists the report name, whether the report will be displayed in the client’s report list, whether the report will be selected and whether the user can edit the report inclusion at a client level.

See Selecting default practice reports.

Up and Down buttons

Use the up and down buttons to control the order the reports are displayed in the financial statements.

See Changing the order of practice reports.

Preview Reports

Check the default report settings that have been configured for each entity type.

See Previewing practice reports.

Reset Reports

Remove any customisation that has been applied to the default reports and to the report order. The configuration returns to the Master Level Report Definition defaults.

See Resetting practice reports.

Save Settings

After making changes to the Default Report Selections it is important to click Save Settings to save the changes. You will be prompted to save any changes, if you try to close the Practice Report Settings tab without saving the changes.

Tasks bar options



Account Groups

Account Groups are used to determine which account balances to display in each section of the financial statements and which notes to include by default.

See Account groups and Tax Account Groups.

Non-Transaction Data

If the Associations feature in MYOB AE/AO is used to track the relationships between clients and partners, directors and trustees, the association types that represent these relationships can be nominated.

See Non-transaction data in Statutory Reporter.


Paragraphs modify the content and format of the paragraph text which is displayed in the financial statements.

See Paragraphs.

Report Options

Control the report style and page layout.

See Report options.

Update Report Definitions

This option is used to update the Statutory Report Master Level Report Definitions into additional databases. This is only required if you use multiple databases.

See Updating master report definitions.


To view information about your version of Statutory Reporter. You may be asked to provide this information to MYOB Support when requesting assistance.

See Statutory Reporter.

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