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Right-click options

Download a PDF guide to learn more about right-click menu features available.

The following right-click options are available. The right-click options will vary depending on which page or window you are on.




Audit Trail

Display a table containing a full history of the selected document since it was added to Document Manager. The audit trail can be exported to a Microsoft Excel document, if desired.

See Viewing a document audit trail.

Check in

Return a document to the database after editing.

See Checking in documents.

Check out

Get a document from the database for editing.

See Checking out documents.

Checked out info

View information about who was using a document, when it was checked out and the intended due date.

Current Status

Opens a message dialog indicating if the document requires approval.


Permanently delete the document.

See Deleting documents.


Open and edit the current version of a document.


Export a single document to your local machine or network. Any changes made to the exported document on your local machine or network will not be reflected in Document Manager.

See Single document export.

Field Chooser

Select the information fields you want to be displayed with the listed records. Drag fields onto the list area from the window or vice versa.


Import a document from your local machine or network to Document Manager.

Importing on the Versioning page allows you to import a document as a new version, not as a new document.

See Importing.

Link documents

Link documents with related information.

See Viewing documents to be linked.


Open a contact or open and check out a document.


View and edit the properties of a selected document. for example, extra fields and title.

See Viewing and editing document properties.

Refresh row

Update the information displayed in the selected row.

Set current version

Set a version of a document as the Current Version.

See To set the current version of a document in Versioning Documents.

Show List By

View a search list by one of the two available options:

  • First record

  • Last record.

To Do


Opens a window listing the To Do items associated with the selected document. If can select the View a To Do sub-option or Add New To Do sub-option.

See the Practice Manager help for more information about Creating To Do items.

Undo checkout

Undo a checked out document. Changes made to the checked out document will be ignored. The document will be returned to its original state before the check out. If the document was checked out on another machine, it will remain checked out.


Open the Versioning page which displays all the different versions of the selected document. This is particularly useful with emails, when storing email trails as versions.

See Versioning documents.


View a document without checking it out.

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