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Tax Calculator menu outline

Not available in Accountants Office


The File menu provides these options:

  • Open - To open the highlighted calculation for editing.

  • Properties - To display the calculation profile, refer to Calculation Properties.

  • New - To create a new calculation or derive values from the tax return.

  • Delete - the currently highlighted calculation

  • Copy - duplicate a calculation

  • Sequence - opens a list relevant to the current data entry operation.

  • List - This option creates a list of the calculations in the index.

  • Page Setups - This option provides for you to adjust page setups for printing without leaving the Calculator. Refer to Page Setups.

  • Print the estimate - refer to Tax Estimate [F4].


The Utilities menu provides these options:


  • Display/hide the Navigation bar





  • Help on current screen

  • Online Manual Help Contents tab

  • About Box

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