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Generating report options

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

Main menu options

The menu bar is the horizontal bar below the title bar that contains the names of menus. A menu is a list of commands that is displayed when you click on a name in the menu bar.

The following menus and options are available from the Generating Reports window:





Print Setup

Select printer to use and change the printer properties.


Close MYOB AE Reporter.



Select this option to display the list of available reports.


Select this option to display the list of favourite reports set up for the current ledger.

Non-transaction Data

Select this option open the Database Map for non-transaction data to be entered.

Column Template Editor

Select this option to view, modify or delete existing Column Templates and create new ones.


Current Ledger Configuration

Select this option to specify the ledger(s) to use when retrieving the current ledger balances.

Ledger Year

Select this option to choose a different ledger year and / or period to report on.

Reporter Year

Select this option to choose a different Reporter year to use.

Report Listing

Select this option to choose the reports to be displayed in the Generating Reports window.

Style Editor

Select this option to edit the default styles.

Refresh Ledger Data

Select this option to update Reporter with the current account balances in the general ledger.



Open and view the Table of Contents in the MYOB AE Reporter Help window.


Open and view the Help Index in the MYOB AE Reporter Help window.

About MYOB AE Reporter

View information about the currently installed Reporter product, e.g., version number.

Click Close to return to the Reporter Generator window.

Generating Reports window options

The Generating Reports window contains the following options in the left-hand pane:




Report Settings

Apply Rounding

Select this option to display all figures in a report as rounded. This feature is dependent on the underlying general ledger. When a report with applied rounding is previewed, printed or exported, the amounts provided by the General Ledger system are rounded in accordance with the General Ledger system’s rules.

The Rounding option is only displayed if the underlying General Ledger is able to round balances.

See Applying rounding.

Show page numbers

Select this option to display the page numbers on the report below any footer content when it is printed. If this option is not selected, then the page numbers are not displayed.

See Showing and hiding page numbers.

Show account codes

Select this option to display the account codes on the report when printed. If this option is un-ticked then the account codes does not display.

The account codes will only be included on a report if that option is included in the design of the report you select. They will display in the left-hand side margin for the Masters.

See Showing and hiding account codes.

Report Options

This option enables you to set run time parameters.

See Setting the report options.



The Years option is used to specify the year against which the currently selected report(s) are run.

See Selecting years.



Select this option to set the font for the report. The selected font is used by every cell in every format used throughout every report. The Use Default sub-option indicates that the font is not to be altered during a preview. The font selection is saved as a user preference.

See Setting the font.

Apply Watermark

Select this option to toggle a watermark on and off. Click the ellipsis to locate a watermark to add or edit. Use the up and down arrow keys to select the watermark you want to use from the list. Click the Update Preview button to update the preview with the chosen watermark.

See Adding a watermark.

Page scaling

The Page scaling drop-down list contains the following values: 100, 80, 75, 50 and 25%. The default is 100%. When you alter the scaling percentage it applies the new value to all previewed or printed reports from this point onwards. If the preview window is currently open, any previewed reports will be adjusted immediately to the new scaling percentage.

You are also able to enter any valid scaling percentage in the Page scaling field and press [Enter] to apply the scaling. The valid scaling range is 0 to 400%.

See Scaling reports.

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