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Report Preview window toolbar options

The following table lists the options that are available on the Report Preview window toolbar.





Prints the report to the selected printer or to the MYOB PDF Manager if it is installed.

See Printing financial statements.

Document Map

Launches the Document Map pane which lists the contents of the financial statements. Click the heading to quickly navigate to a particular section in the financial statements.

First page

Go to the first page of the financial statement.

Previous page

Go to the previous page of the financial statement.

Next page

Go to the next page of the financial statement.

Last page

Go to the last page of the financial statement.

Zoom out

Click to zoom out.


Select a pre-defined zoom ratio or view the entire page width, entire text width, the whole page or two pages.

Zoom in

Select to zoom in.

Report Options

Click to edit the Report Options.

See Configuring report options.

Refresh Preview

Click to regenerate the report. Changes made to the client’s balances or client configuration will be reflected in the report preview.

Page break

Counts the number of manual page breaks inserted into a financial statement. You can also remove all manual page breaks.

See Adding and removing manual page breaks.

Export document

Export the financial statements as a PDF, Microsoft Word or Excel document.

See Exporting financial statements.

Send via email

Email the financial statements as a PDF, Microsoft Word or Excel file attachment.

See Emailing financial statements.

Share It

Export the financial statements to Docu­ment Manager as a PDF file or, if you don’t have Document Manager, save the finan­cial statement in your client’s assigned folder. Directly publish the financial state­ment to your MYOB Portal by selecting the appropriate option.

See Adding financial statements to Document Manager and Sharing financial statements.

Add item

Add a file to a report.

See Adding a file to a report.

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