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Getting started with preparing tax notices

Accountants Enterprise only

Tax Notices are the 901D tax letters you send out to clients, so they know to make payments to the IRD.

The process of preparing Tax Notices is different to the AE Tax process.

Before you prepare your tax notices, check unreconciled IRD transactions for the period to ensure the IRD balances are correct. See Reconciling IRD data in Tax Manager.

To prepare tax notices for a period
  1. On the toolbar, from the Tax drop-down list, select Tax Notices. The Tax Notices page appears.

  2. From the drop-down list, select a Due Date. You can choose from the current month or up to 5 months into the future.

  3. Click Search. The list of all tax clients who could have a tax notice due for the date you selected are displayed.

  4. Check and resolve any alerts. See Viewing and resolving alerts.

  5. Review the list of clients and mark any notices that you don't have to send as Not required.

  6. Select the checkbox for the clients you don't want to send a tax notice to. Use the filter, group and sort functions to help you find them. For example, you could filter for LTC and Partnership clients.
  7. To remove the tax notices from the list for this date, on the TASKS bar, click Not required.
  8. To review a client’s tax notice details, click on the client’s IRD Number. The Tax Notice details view appears where you can:
    • make any alterations or corrections to the data by editing the relevant transactions or tax return information

    • enter the amount of any Voluntary adjustments for provisional notices

    • enter up to two additional payments in the fields at the bottom of the window. These are defined by the two rows of grey box outlines above the total due for this notice amount. The information required (from left to right) is description of payment due, payment, tax type and due date. These payments are included on the tax notice.

  9. To approve the tax notice for printing, on the TASKS bar, click Approve.
  10. Close Tax Manager. The Tax Notices page appears.
  11. Select the tax notices you approved for printing and, depending on whether you want to print detailed or summarised notices, on the TASKS bar, either go to:

    • PRINT > Detailed notice

    • PRINT > Summarised notice.

  12. You need to print on the IRD pre-printed stationery, but if you want to print on blank paper instead, save your tax notice as a PDF and print the PDF.
  13. When you've sent the tax notices to the client, on the TASKS bar, go to TAX NOTICES > Mark as sent so you know you've sent the tax notices. If any changes are made to the client’s information that affects an approved tax notice, Tax Manager will notify you when you open the tax notice so you can decide if you need to prepare a new tax notice.




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