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Preparing a printed list of payments due

You can prepare and print a list of payments due using the Tax Notices page and either:

  • export the displayed list to Excel so you can use the information to prepare reports

  • print the list of payments in a tabular format.

The information displayed on the Tax Notices page will be exported or printed as displayed. You can change this before you export or print to:

  • sort, group and filter the information in the table

  • add, remove, reorder or resize the columns.

For more information, see Organising your data.

To export the list of payments shown on the Tax Notices page

Click the export to Excel icon

.The information shown in the table is exported to a spreadsheet in a new window.

You can use Microsoft Excel to format the data as required.

To print the list of payments shown on the Tax Notices page
  1. Click the print icon

    . The Print - Tax Notices window appears.

  2. If you want to change the default heading, enter a heading for the page in the Page Heading Centre field. This will print in the centre at the top of your printout.

  3. If you want to change the other default header or footer information, click Options and enter the appropriate information.

  4. To print the list on your printer, click Print.

  5. If you prefer to view a copy of your printout before you print:

    1. Click Preview. A preview of your printout appears in a new window.

    2. When you are ready to print, click the print icon


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