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Monitoring return filing statistics

The Filing Statistics page provides a quick way to:

  • monitor the filing of returns throughout the practice

  • help ensure you achieve your 100% filing targets by the end of the financial year.

The statistics are calculated for a selected tax year and include:

Statistic calculated


% Filed

The number of filed returns as a percentage of the total returns due to be filed in the selected tax year


This shows the number of returns with a status of filed


This shows the number of returns still to be filed

Total Due

This shows the total number of returns to be filed for the selected tax year based on the number of clients with the Return required flag selected on the Client page Tax tab.

The total statistics for the entire practice are calculated and displayed at the bottom of the table. The statistics don't include clients that:

  • have return type PTS

  • aren't required to submit a return for the selected tax year

  • have First return year set to a year later than the selected tax year

  • don't have an extension of time

  • have been sent an L letter or D letter, or

  • are closed.

These flags are set on the Client page Tax tab.

If you're viewing statistics for the current tax year, the statistics are calculated for the partial year up to, and including, today’s date. When the comparison statistics are generated, they're calculated for the same date range in the previous year, so that an accurate comparison is displayed. For example, if you display the statistics on 24th November of the current year, the comparison statistics will be calculated up to and including the 24th November for the previous year.

If you select a prior year in the Tax Year drop-down list and compare these to the year before, (e.g., 2012 to 2011) the full years statistics are displayed. This means that the statistics displayed for the previous year are different when displayed in the last year comparatives section compared to when that year is selected from the Tax Year drop-down list.

To open and use the Filing Statistics page
  1. On the toolbar, from the Tax drop-down list, select Filing Statistics. The Filing Statistics page appears. By default the filing statistics for the previous tax year are displayed and calculated for each agency.

    1. To calculate filing statistics for partner, manager, agency and return type groupings:

      1. Select any combination of the checkboxes at the top of the page.

      2. Click Calculate. The information displayed is updated to display:

        • columns for each of the checkboxes you selected

        • filing statistics calculated for the groupings indicated by the values in each row of the table. The groupings you select will be saved when you close the Filing Statistics page and automatically applied when you open the statistics next time.

    2. To calculate statistics for other tax years, from the Tax Year drop-down list at the top of the page, select the required year. The statistics for the selected year are loaded.

    3. To compare the displayed statistics to the previous tax year, select the Last year comparison checkbox at the top of the page. The statistics for the previous tax year are displayed at the bottom of the page.

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