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Setting your client's tax settings

Accountants Enterprise only

Your client’s tax settings are defined on the Client page Tax tab. You can open this tab from:

  • selecting a client and clicking Client tax details from the Tasks bar on most of the Tax Manager screens

  • clicking on the Client Code for the required client in any of the Tax Manager list screens

  • clicking the Tax tab on any of the other Client page tabs.

On this tab you can view and set the client’s:

  • GST details — including GST taxable period, Last month of GST period, Ratio method percentage

  • entity details — including Non-resident company, Maori authority, Organisation type and Return type

  • other details — including written authority permission, the first year you prepared the tax return for this client

  • yearly tax details — including whether the return is required, extension of time, whether client has been issued an L letter or D letter by the IRD.

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