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Viewing employee-related documents

From the Employee page > Documents tab, you can view the documents added or linked to an employee.


To view documents added or linked to an employee
  1. Click ContactsOpen > Employees on the toolbar. The Find Employees page displays.
  2. Find the required employee. The Employee page opens.
  3. Click the Documents tab. The documents for the employee display. By default, only documents for the last 18 months are displayed.
  4. In the Search for section, you can either:
    Enter the text that you are looking for in the Text field. This can be text from the document title or extra fields.
    Enter the document number in the Reference no. field.
  5. You may refine your search using the following:
    • Display documents from — you can select to extend the search for documents based on a certain date. Enter the date in the format dd/mm/yyyy or select a date from the drop-down calendar or select Today for today’s date.
    • Include extra fields — includes extra fields in the search.
    • Include Archived items — include archived documents in the results list.
    • Display related entity documents — display all the documents related to the employee.
  6. Click Search or press the [Enter] key. All documents matching the entered search criteria are listed.
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