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Amending FBT returns

If you need to make changes to a lodged FBT return, it can be amended and lodged again via PLS, even if the original return was not lodged electronically, or was lodged by another agent and the client is new to the practice. Any FBT return may be amended up to nine times.

Each amendment is listed separately in an index when you select Preparation > Schedule > FBT Fringe Benefits return and the document icon O indicates the original return:


To amend a previously lodged FBT return (the original return)
  1. Open the client’s tax return. The current year return does not need to be at a status of lodged.
  2. Open the FBT return. The FBT return must be at a status of lodged.

    If you are not the agent who prepared and lodged the original FBT return, then you will need to recreate it in MYOB Tax exactly as it was lodged, and then manually update it to a status of lodged before making the amendment.

  3. Click the Amend icon

    to confirm that you are amending the previously lodged FBT return for the taxpayer.

  4. Click Yes to continue or No to return to the data entry screen.

  5. In the FBT return, click the ellipsis [...] at the Amendment type indicator field. This indicator is to advise the ATO as to whether the amendment is due to an ATO or a taxpayer error.

  6. Type the reason for the amendment.

  7. Make the required changes to the return.

  8. Press [F3] to validate the return and if required, make any changes indicated on the [F3] validation error report.

  9. When valid, click the Complete button to set the status of the return to Complete. The amended return is ready to be sent for signature and, once signed, then lodgment via PLS.

To delete an FBT return

MYOB does not advise ever deleting the Original return once it has been lodged to the ATO and accepted.

To delete an FBT return, select Preparation > Delete Schedules, the list will look like his:

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