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Consolidation Group Profile

The Consolidation Group Profiling options are only available for Company returns. This menu option is not available for Individual or Fund returns.

To access the Consolidation Profile from within a Company return, click Preparation > Consolidation Profile.

Consolidation profile screen
Details recorded

This screen provides for you to record organisations that are subsidiaries of the consolidated group but for whom you do not prepare a tax return. When an organisation leaves the group type in the Date Left and select Add to History.

Head companyWhen you select the Head Company radio button on this screen nominate that you are entering details for a head company then the CGM function becomes active and you can access the Consolidated Group Membership Register. If a company is head of a Consolidation Group this must be indicated in Form C Item 3, Status of Company.
Partnerships and TrustsWhere a Partnership or a Trust is a subsidiary of a consolidated group this is indicated in Item 2 of the relevant return.
Previous Head CompaniesThe details of companies that were the Head Company of the consolidated group previously are recorded on this screen.
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