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How to use the Search Facility

Accountants Enterprise only

The search facility assists to quickly and easily locate any ledger.

The search results are customised by the MLS settings on the folder or ledger.

To use the search facility
  1. From the Navigation bar, click Ledgers > Edit > Ledger Search to open the Search for ledger window.

  2. Enter the required text in the Search text field. For example, enter ‘xyz’ to search for any ledgers that have XYZ in either the ledger code or the ledger description. The Search text is not case sensitive.

  3. Ledger Type shows All Types. Click the ellipsis to restrict the search to a ledger type chosen from the Select Template window.

  4. The In folder field shows All Folders. Click the ellipsis to restrict the search to a folder type chosen the Folder Maintenance window.

  5. Click Search to display the search results.

  6. Click Cancel to close the Search Results window.

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