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Estimates tab

The options on this tab are:

Estimates: Both types of estimate, the Tax estimate or the Detailed estimate may be selected to be printed at the same time. Previously these defaults were only able to be set in the Calculator Print Options screen.

The Tax Estimate is laid out in a similar style to the ATO Notice of Assessment, whereas the 'Detailed' Estimate is laid out in the order in which Tax is calculated and rebates, Medicare Levy and other Credits applied.

Estimate with Payment Schedule: The Payments Schedule contains details of the primary Tax payable and an estimated date of payment which is based upon the machine date at the time of printing unless an alternative date is keyed in the Estimated lodgment date field.

Estimated lodgment date: Tax uses today's date in this field. If the date of lodgment is not going to be today's date, then key the date you expect to lodge the return and the estimated date of payment will be calculated from that field.

Estimate type: Where the taxpayer is liable to pay PAYG Income Tax Instalments, Tax will default the type of PAYG Estimate to be printed. Alternatively, you may select a different type of estimate payment cycle from the list, the exception being for Primary Producers where the default will be seasonal.

Medicare audit trail: Selecting this option provides an audit trail of the Medicare levy and Medicare Levy Surcharge (where applicable) calculation.

Senior Australian and Pensioner Offset (SAPTO) audit trail: Selecting this option provides an audit trail of the calculation of this offset.

Exclude PAYG Calculations: Selecting this option will suppress the printing of the PAYG tax payable for the upcoming tax year.

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