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How to Reset the Toolbar to the default setting

Accountants Enterprise only

If you have customised the toolbar, any new icons in the set of default icons installed will not be visible to you until you Reset the toolbar to the default condition. For example, the PDF and Share It icons are now standard on the Print Preview toolbar.

To make new icons visible in a customised toolbar
  1. With the Tax ledger open, double-click on 'empty' space on the toolbar (that is, not on an icon).

  2. Select Customise.

  3. Highlight the Print Preview toolbar. If there is a tick against the toolbar, click the checkbox to remove it.

  4. Select the Configure tab.

  5. Click Reset. If the Reset button is not active your toolbar is standard.

  6. Select ‘Yes' to confirm that you wish to continue with the change.

  7. Your Print Preview options now show the default values including the any new icons.

You must reapply any customisation you still require.

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