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Defining image settings

The Display Image option enables you to select how and where an image, such as a company logo, is displayed in the financial statements. The following image file types can be used: JPG, BMP, GIF or PNG. Images should be no more than 25 KB in size; images that are greater than this size may result in errors when previewing the report.

Before selecting the image ensure that it is set to your desired size and resolution, as it cannot be edited in Statutory Reporter. The image file is imported and stored in Statutory Reporter.

To define the image settings
  1. Access the practice or client’s report options. See Accessing report options. The Report Options window opens.

  2. Click the Display Image checkbox. This is located within the Display Options on the Report Options  window.

  3. Click Define Image Settings. The Define Image Settings window opens.

  4. Click the ellipse button at the end of the Image File field.

  5. Navigate to the location of the image to be included.

  6. Click Open to select the file.

  7. In the Position section, set the placement of the image on the page:

    1. Select the Horizontal Alignment on the drop-down.

    2. Select the Vertical Alignment on the drop-down.

  8. In the Page Range section, select how often the image will be displayed in the financial statements. The image can be displayed on:

    • All Pages

    • Cover Page Only

    • Pages.

  9. If configuring the Report Options for a selected client, click Restore Practice Defaults to remove any custom image settings for the client. The image settings will be restored to the image settings configured for the practice. 
  10. Click OK to save any changes.
    Click Cancel to close the window without saving changes.
  11. Click OK. To save the Report Options and close the Report Options window.
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