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Completing the period

When you've reviewed, approved and completed the workpaper preparation and posted the journals and new accounts to the client’s company file, you can mark the workpaper period as complete.

When the workpapers period is marked as complete, if you've got the permissions, you can view and open information in the period, and print reports; you cannot add or edit information in the period.

Controlling the completion of the period

Locking the date

You can optionally set a lock date to prevent ledger changes prior to the lock date.

To set a lock date
  1. From the Trial Balance (Workpapers) tab, on the Tasks bar click Set Lock Date.
  2. Select Lock ledger up to and including and enter a date. Users won't be able to make any changes prior to this date.
  3. Click OK.
In-progress documents
AE and Document Manager only

You can set configuration keys to control what happens if a user tries to complete a workpaper period and Managing, tracking and approving workpapers documents are attached from Document Manager:

  • Don't allow the period to be completed.
  • Show a warning. On the warning:
    • Select Yes and you'll continue with completing the period.
    • Select No and a window displays with a list of the in-progress document attached from Document Manager.

    If a user sees this window, they can:

    • Refresh the list
    • select a document from the list and Open document to view the document, or
    • Close the window.
    If a user completes the document, they can continue completing the workpaper period.

Configuration keys

Setting up configuration keys that control period completion in Maintenance > User Defined > Configuration.

  • To prevent completing the period if in-progress documents are attached from Document Manager, turn on WorkpapersBlockCompleteThePeriod.
  • To show a warning if in-progress documents are attached from Document Manager, turn on WorkpaperWarningInProgressDocuments.

Both keys are turned off (set to 0) by default. To turn the keys on, change the Key Value to 1.

Bypass the configuration key settings

If you don't want the configuration key settings to apply to some users, you can use a new group task permission in Maintenance > Security > Task Permissions:

#Client #Client Accounting #Workpapers #Allow completing a period with in progress documentation attached

The permission is off by default for all user groups except Superuser.

Complete the period

To complete the period

You must have posted journals and accounts to complete the period.

You cannot reverse this process! So ensure that the workpaper period has been reviewed, approved and finalised.

  1. Open the workpapers period. The Prepare Trial Balance (Workpapers) table is displayed. See Opening an existing period.
  2. On the TASKS bar, click Complete the period. The Confirm Complete the period dialogue appears.
    Journals and new accounts must be posted before completing the period. The Complete the Period option is disabled if journals and new accounts have not been posted.
  3. Click Yes to complete the period. Click No to cancel.
    • If there are outstanding To Do items for the workpapers period, a warning is displayed. Click Yes to complete the period with outstanding To Do items. Click No to cancel.
    • If there are unapproved workpapers for the workpapers period a warning is displayed. Click Yes to complete the period with unapproved workpapers. Click No to cancel.
  4. The workpapers period is marked as complete.
    On the Client page > Client Accounting > Trial Balance (Workpapers) tab, the status of selected period updates to indicate that the preparation of workpapers has been finalised.
    When a finalised period is opened a warning is displayed indicating that the period has been completed. Click OK to open the period with limited access.

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