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Inserting an Assets - GL reconciliation table

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

This is a combination of several pre-populated data entry tables that are specifically designed for assets to general ledger reconciliation.

How to insert an Assets - GL reconciliation table in a practice template
  1. Open the practice template for editing. See Opening a practice template for editing.
  2. Position the mouse cursor in the practice template where the new table is to be inserted.
  3. Click Insert Field on the toolbar.
    Select Insert > Field on the main menu. The Insert Field window opens.
  4. Click the Other components tab.
  5. Select Assets - GL reconciliation.

  6. Click OK. The Data Entry Table window opens. The Table name, Table column details and field properties are all automatically defined and pre-populated. You do not need to modify these values.

  7. The Rollover to next period checkbox is selected by default. This means that selected table contents will be displayed in the next rollover period. If you have not deselect any Rollover value to next period checkboxes for individual columns, all data within the data entry table is rolled over to the next period.
    Deselect the Rollover value to next period checkbox, if you do not want data in the data entry table to be rolled over.
  8. Click OK. The Asset - GL reconciliation table is placed at the insertion point. The Data Entry Table window and the Insert Field window close.
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