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AO Classic comparison Debtor reports in AO


MYOB AO Classic


Multiple Statements

Prints a batch of statements filtered by specified criteria such as minimum amount owing.

ReportsDebtors > Debtors Statements.

Individual Statements

Prints a statement for the currently selected client in the debtors details window. This also allows you to preview a single statement.

ReportsDebtors > Debtors Statements > select the relevant statement > then run for client code only.

Unprinted Statement Report

Prints a report listing statements as yet unprinted filtered by specified criteria.

No equivalent.

Aged Balances

Displays debtors balances in Aged format. The report also includes client id and telephone number, and shows each period as a percentage of the total debtor balance.

ReportsDebtorsAged Debtors > Aged Debtor By Company - Partner Detailed (Phone) report.

Debtors Control

Displays a summary of each debtor’s transactions including the opening balance, invoices, payments, other activities and closing balance for each debtor, including totals.

Not available per client. Practice control found under Reports > WIP & DebtControl by Client > Control by Client report.

Summary of Activity

Displays summarised transactions filtered by debtors. The report lists client name, opening balance, invoices, payments, other activities and closing balance under each portfolio holder. Subtotals are generated for each debtor and grand totals for all columns are presented.

No equivalent.

Transaction Audit

Lists all transactions for each debtor who meets your specified selection criteria. For each debtor the report shows an opening balance and cumulative balances. Transactions details shown include, date, status, type, reference, amount and remarks.

Can run individual report for each type of transaction, for example, Invoices, receipts and adjustments

Transaction Types

Lists all the transaction types and codes that you have configured in the Debtors system.

Not applicable as system defined only.

Bank Deposit Supplements

Use this report to produce a banking deposit slip of recent payments that you can take to the bank. This option makes manually filling in banking deposit slips redundant. Cheque payments are listed with individual debtor bank account details as entered in Transaction Entry.

Bank Deposit slips are available under Debtors > Bank deposit slip. This information is exported to Excel where you can fill in and edit to meet your requirements.

Debtors Credit Limit

Use this report to filter those clients that have exceeded their limit as defined in Debtors Details.

ReportsDebtorsAged Debtors > You need to create new report.

You can edit one of the existing reports as a starting point.

Cash Based GST

ReportsDebtorsReceipts > Debtors Ledger receipts > Choice of several different reports.

Outstanding transactions

ReportsDebtors > Outstanding Debtors Invoices report.

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