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Editing saved reports

From the Change Report window you are able to make some changes to a saved report and/or use an existing saved report to create a new report.

To edit a saved report
  1. Select the reporting area and sub-area containing the report you want to edit from the TASKS bar.

  2. Click a report to select it.

  3. Click Edit. The report opens in the Change Report page.

  4. Click the Report fields and formatting tab. The Change report fields message opens requesting confirmation as custom formatting could be lost.

  5. Click Yes to continue if you have made no changes, or only made changes using Basic report formatting and editing.

    In Accountants Enterprise, click No if you have already customised this report using Advanced report formatting and editing and need to keep those changes.

  6. Select each of the fields you want to use in your report. Do this by clicking the checkbox. The chosen fields are displayed. A new field can be placed before or after any pre-existing field by clicking and dragging the fields into place. Red arrows provide a visual guide to locating items in the field bar.

  7. To group the data by a specific field, drag the field to the Group bar, under the report Title field. Grouping is optional in a report; you can group by a single field or by several.

    If you’re using Accountants Enterprise, any style updates made in the Report Designer window (see Advanced report formatting and editing) may be lost when updating.

  8. When finished editing, click

    Save report button
    to save your edits.

    Be careful to save your edited report with a new title if you want to preserve the original saved report.

  9. In the Save Report Layout window, accept the Save as new report option and enter a new title and description for the report layout.

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