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Running prebilling reports for clients

Practice Manager only

Prebilling reports are used when a practice wants a printed report of the work completed for a client. A practice may use a prebilling report as the basis to raise a bill for a client or as an alternative to making their allocations on the Billing Main page.

Prebilling reports are generated at the individual client level (unless the client is a parent client, in which case all the WIP recorded for their child clients will also be included). There are four prebilling reports available on the TASKS bar of the Client page > Assignments tab (AE)/Jobs tab (AO):

  • By type—This report is organised by the task codes that the employees used to code their timesheets for the individual client.

  • By employee—This report is organised by the employee who coded the time for the individual client and then by task code. This is useful when there may be a few people working on the assignments/jobs.

  • By month—This report is organised by the months in which time was coded for the individual client and by employees. It is useful for practices that bill on a monthly basis or to ensure that there is no old WIP on the WIP ledger which should be written off.

  • By group—The report is organised by assignment/job and employees for the client. This is used to show the parent/child clients in a billing group and to display the total WIP liability for a group of clients.

In MYOB AE, Prebilling Report on the TASKS bar is available on all tabs for assignments.

To run a prebilling report for a client
  1. Open the Client page > Assignments tab/Jobs tab.

  2. Select a Prebilling Report on the TASKS bar according to how you want the client’s WIP categorised. The Report Fields window opens.

  3. Enter an End Date to specify the end date to view WIP information. The default date shown is today’s date. This will report on all WIP up to the current date. To change the date, enter the date in the format dd/mm/yyyy or select it from the drop-down calendar.

  4. Click OK. The report is displayed in the report window. From here you can:'

  • Print the report to the default printer using Print.

  • Select Export > PDF, Export > Excel or Export > HTML to save the report as the specified file type.

  • Export the report to open immediately in Microsoft Excel.

  • Zoom in and out of the report view.

  • Annotate the report using Annotations 


  • Click Close. You are returned to the Assignments tab/Jobs tab.

  • To run a prebilling report in bulk
    1. Click Practice KPI icon and change the view to Partner/Manager. The Partner/Manager view now displays.

    2. Right click on the Aged WIP homepage and select Practice.

    3. Right click and select Drill Down > All. The Aged WIP window appears.

      You can also select the clients by WIP age by selecting Drill Down and then the specific age.

    4. Select the clients required by ticking the checkbox.

    5. To print the report, select the Prebilling Report option from the TASKS bar on the left hand-side.

    6. The prebilling reports are printed in client name order.

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