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Using the Maintenance Map

Select Maintenance > Maintenance Map on the main menu to open the Maintenance Map.

The Maintenance Map provides a graphical view of the Maintenance menu. When the page opens, the Search Name/Description field is displayed at the top, while large icons are displayed under their respective sub-menu headings. The entire menu is displayed by default. All sub-menus are listed on the Tasks bar under Groups.

To use the Maintenance Map:

  • Select a sub-menu on the Tasks bar to view the icons for a particular sub-menu. Note that when the window refreshes to display icons for the selected sub-menu, the Search Name/Description field does not display.

  • Preview a window by placing your cursor over an icon to see a thumbnail of the actual window that the option opens. A tip is displayed at the top of the thumbnail image telling you what you can do using the window.

  • Click an icon to open the Maintenance window.

  • Use the Search Name/Description field to locate an option. Enter the text you are looking for. As you type the search criteria, the window dynamically updates to display icons that match your criteria. You can enter part or all of the word. You do not need to click or press [Enter].

The Search Name/Description field is only displayed when all groups are listed on the Maintenance Map. Once an icon is selected this field does not display on the sub-menus.

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