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Merging contact records to and from Microsoft Outlook

Accountants Enterprise only

You can combine the contact records you hold in Microsoft Outlook with your database by merging. You are able to merge in both directions and filter the contacts to be merged.

You can merge your contacts with your Microsoft Outlook contacts using the Merge Contacts — MYOB to Outlook menu option available in Microsoft Outlook. You can also define which changed contact records are merged into Microsoft Outlook.

For Microsoft Outlook 2010, the Merge Contacts menu option is on the Add-Ins ribbon.

Once you have specified the Contacts folder you want the contact database details to merge to, you are presented with a form to select the changed contact records you want to merge to Microsoft Outlook.

Merge records — Date selection options

After the initial merge of contact details, all subsequent merges will merge the changed records rather than the entire contact data set. The date when the contact record was last changed in the database is kept and used to compare versions when you merge the changed records back to Microsoft Outlook.

Last Merged Date and Time

The Last Merged Date and Time option is the default selection setting and detects the last time you merged the changed contacts to Microsoft Outlook. This entry is compared to the date stored and any changed records are then merged. Note that the first time the contacts are merged from the database into Microsoft Outlook, the Last Merged Date and Time will be set to 01/01/1900 to ensure that all relevant changed records are captured.

Merge From Date

The Merge From Date option is used to override the default Last Merged Date and Time setting so you can merge all contact records that have changed (irrespective of the last time they merged). For example, you might recently have merged your own personal contacts into a contact folder in Microsoft Outlook but then decide to merge the entire office/department’s contacts into that contact folder.

The Merge From Date option merges all changed records since the selected date — irrespective of the last time you merged to Microsoft Outlook.

The relevant merge documents are displayed in the table.

All Dates

The All Dates option merges all contacts irrespective of the date they were last modified.

As all contacts are merged, no records are displayed in the selection table.

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