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Creating Mailing Label templates

Mail merge can also be used to generate mailing labels. This is similar to a standard mail merge, except that an address label template is used.

A sample address label format is included, which is a standard Avery Label 2x7; however, you can create your own address label template for any label size.

You can press [Alt]+[F9] to show or hide the hidden fields in Microsoft Word.

To create mailing label templates
  1. Open a client, and click the Documents tab.
  2. Click New template to open Microsoft Word to create a new template.
  3. In the Insert Merge Field window, select the fields you wish to add to each label.
  4. To define the label details in Microsoft Word (2016), click the Mailings tab in the Microsoft Word ribbon, and click Labels.

    Your version of Microsoft Word may have these options in a different location. Consult the online help for your version of Microsoft Word for more information.

  5. Insert the required mail merge fields into the first label.

  6. After completing the label layout in the first call, copy and paste the mail merge fields from the first table cell to the subsequent table cells.

    The <<Next Record>> merge field will appear at the start of each cell after the first cell. Paste the mail merge fields after this field.

  7. Save the template.
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