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Setting Job Manager security permissions

Practice Manager only

To manage permissions for Job Manager, go to MaintenanceMaintenance Map > Security > Task Permissions.



Group Description

Task Permission


Central (AE only)


[Maintenance][Assignment][Job Mode]

Allows you to access and amend the configuration setup in the Job Mode window


#Client #Add New Assignment

Lets you add an ad-hoc assignment from the Add New Assignment wizard.


#Client #Add Assignment from Template

Lets you add a new assignment and job using an assignment template. If this permission is not activated, users cannot create an assignment and / or job.

Practice Manager

Other#Homepage #Job Sheet Write Access

Those who do not have write access will not be able to make amendments on the Job Sheet homepage on individual jobs. This includes editing dates, formulas, status and comments.

The only amendments that can be made without this permission are:

  • Filtering using the right-click option

  • Hyperlinks

  • Show field chooser and drag on of other fields

  • Export to Excel

Other#Homepage #Job Sheet Bulk Write AccessLets users do a bulk update on filtered or all jobs and change who the jobs are assigned to or target dates on some or all jobs. Only recommended for super users / administrators.


#Client #Edit Job

Lets you click the Job hyperlink from both the Job Sheet homepage and the Assignment / Job tab on a client and allows editing of the Job details.


#Client #Remove Job

Lets you delete a job using the Remove Job right-click option on the Client > Assignment / Job tab.

Client (AE only)

#Client #Create Timesheet

Lets you create a timesheet by using the right-click option on the Client > Assignment tab.


 #Client #Add Job

Lets you add a job to an assignment or Job type from the Client > Assignment / Job tab using the right-click Add Job option.

Smart Reports

Smart Reports-Job-Management-Job Management

Lets you access/view this reporting area.

Homepage#Homepage #Job Management #Job SheetAllows access to the Jobs icon.
Homepage#Homepage #Job Management #All JobsAllows access to all jobs added to the database irrespective of who they have been assigned to.
Homepage#Homepage #Job Management #My JobsAllows access to only the jobs assigned to the employee who has logged on.
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