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Creating a new page setup in System Release

This support note applies to:

  • AE System Release (NZ)
Article ID: 16172

In Accountants Enterprise System Release, communication between the MYOB application and your printer is controlled by Page Setups. In Page Setups you can set the link to the relevant printer, establish default font styles and page orientation.

You can create multiple Page Setups to cater for your different printing requirements. When you select to use the required Page Setup, this then uses the stored settings to control how your print job is presented.

To create a new Page Setup
  1. Open System Release.
  2. From the File menu, select Page setups. The Select page setup window opens.
  3. Click New. The New page setup window appears.
  4. Type an easily identifiable name in the Name field. The name is established.

    If you require the page setup to always print to a particular printer, select the Apply a default printer for this page setup option. If the Apply a default printer for this page setup option is not selected, the output of the page setup will default to the Windows default printer settings for each workstation.
  5. Click the Page Layout tab. The page layout information appears.
  6. Apply the required settings for:
    • Margins;
    • Number of copies;
    • Orientation;
    • Base font;
    • Font Size;
    • Font Style; and
    • Column underlines.

    If you are using System Release 8.0b or higher, select Windows native mode. DOS emulation mode is no longer compatible and can contribute to printing anomalies.

  7. Click OK. The Page Setup is saved and now appears on the Select page setup window.
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